Notting Hill Carnival 2018

August 3rd 2018

We are entering Carnival season in London! An abundance of sequins, vivid textiles, all painstakingly sewn & stitched together with the upmost care and attention to detail.

At OnlyRoses we can also create a bespoke The Infinite, using a selection of Long Lasting petals to your chosen design. Be it a themed gift, corporate colours, or just the wild and wacky, we are the design experts. This service is available upon request, and to any of our Infinite Products. Even down to letters within our Plaza Boxes to spell out an important message or meaning. We are here to make your requests a reality.

Is our Bright Mix not bright enough? With our Classic Stems, we can tailor any colour request, yet at the same time offer advise if we feel a combination would not please the eye! Skies the limit, and like Carnival we always dress to impress (with our Roses)!”

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